Athena SEO Pro is the ultimate SEO solution for businesses serious about dominating local search results. Building on the powerful features of Athena SEO Lite, the Pro version offers enhanced functionality and additional tools to maximize your SEO efforts. With Athena SEO Pro, you’ll not only create optimized location pages but also gain deeper insights and control over your SEO strategy. This version is designed to leverage competitor insights and advanced keyword research to ensure your content stands out.

Key Features

  • Advanced AI-Powered Content Creation: Generate sophisticated and tailored content using advanced AI algorithms based on competitor analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis: Gain insights into your competitors’ strategies and optimize your content to outperform them.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research: Include the most relevant and competitive keywords in your content.

  • Google Maps Integration: Seamlessly integrate Google Maps into your pages, making it easy for customers to find your business.

  • Target Surrounding Areas: Target key locations in your surrounding area and build a multiple location page strategy to increase visibility and traffic.

  • Comprehensive Support: Access detailed documentation and support to help you get the most out of Athena SEO Pro.

  • Automatic Updates: Stay ahead with the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes with regular updates.

How It Works


Install and Activate

Install Athena SEO Pro from your WordPress dashboard and activate it.


Enter API Keys

Configure your API Keys for Google Maps and OpenAI.


Generate Content

Enter your key phrase, location, and competitor URL to generate highly optimized, competitor-beating content.


Publish and Monitor

Proofread and publish your new page or post

Content Creation and Optimization

Athena SEO Pro enhances your content creation strategy by leveraging competitor insights and thorough keyword research. The tool generates unique, high-quality content that not only meets SEO best practices but also provides additional value over your competitors. Here’s how Athena SEO Pro supports your content efforts:

  • Competitor Insights: Analyze competitors’ content to extract valuable insights and identify gaps and opportunities in your own content.

  • Optimized Keywords: Integrate well-researched keywords seamlessly into your content to ensure it ranks high in search engine results.

  • Content Refinement: Refine and enhance your content by incorporating competitor strategies and unique insights, ensuring it stands out.

  • Engaging Content Structure: Structure your content with engaging introductions, detailed sections, and organized headings. Each section is designed to be informative and easy to read, enhancing user experience.

Local SEO Enhancement

Athena SEO Pro leverages principles from Google’s local search patent to enhance local search relevance:

  • Location-Based Information: Incorporate local landmarks, directions, and proximity to popular destinations to improve local relevance.

  • Structured Data: Include structured data ( for local businesses to enhance search visibility.

Targeting Surrounding Areas

With Athena SEO Pro, business owners can target locations in their surrounding area to build a robust multiple location page strategy. We suggest between 10 -15 pages, but you are not limited. This strategy allows businesses to:

  • Expand Reach: Increase visibility in nearby regions, driving more traffic to your site.

  • Boost Sales: Capture potential customers from surrounding areas, leading to higher sales.

  • Local Presence: Establish a local presence in areas where you are not physically located.

  • “Near Me” Searches: The inclusion of Google schema data enhances the chances of appearing in “near me” searches, driving local traffic and increasing engagement.

choose The Package That Fits Your Needs

Take control of your local SEO strategy with Athena SEO Pro. Download and activate today to start creating advanced, optimized content and outperform your competition.

Single Site

$199 / month

Great for business owners looking to beat their local competitors in search results who have one core website.

  • 1 Website
  • Billed Monthly

  • Includes Athena SEO Pro and Athena SEO Live

Five Site Package

$750 / month

For businesses owners with multiple business who want to deploy Athena SEO Pro and Live across all their websites.

  • 5 Websites

  • Billed Monthly

  • Includes Athena SEO Pro and Athena SEO Live

Single Site Lifetime License

$3499 / One-Time

Save in the long run by paying a one-time licensing cost versus monthly. All the same great benefits as monthly!

  • 1 Website
  • One-Time Fee | Lifetime Access
  • Includes Athena SEO Pro and Athena SEO Live

Frequently Asked Questions

Athena SEO Pro includes advanced content creation, competitor analysis, comprehensive keyword research, priority support, support for multiple locations, and automatic updates.

Yes, Athena SEO Pro is designed to manage and optimize SEO for multiple business locations efficiently.

The competitor analysis tool provides insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies, helping you optimize your content to gain a competitive edge.